Our Bollywood Dance Class Timetable

7pm - 8pm Kids

7pm - 8pm Adults

7pm - 8pm Adults

5pm - 6pm Adults
6pm - 7pm Kids

Cost: $15 (inc. GST) per person per group class.
Location: Green Valley, NSW

Drop in Classes

  • No pre-booking required
  • Member and non-member prices for individual drop-in classes are as shown
  • Non-Membership fee is paid to the venue on arrival; class fee is paid to teacher at the start of the lesson

Bollywood Courses

  • Must be pre-booked
  • Limited Availability
  • Email Gracy at gracy.mosca@gmail.com
  • Our five-week course prices are all-inclusive and do not require separate membership fees to venues

What to wear in a Bollywood dancing class?

Soft comfortable clothing that you can move and exercise in. Suggested outfit can include tracksuits, leggings and a suitable top. In terms of footwear, barefoot or light slipper are suitable choices.

Class Fees

CLASS TYPE : All Group Classes

Terms & Conditions:

We offer Term payments whilst also accepting per class payments (in cash only please).

When a student is enrolled in a class that class has been reserved for him/her. Regardless of any reason, if you miss any classes during the term, you will still learn the entire dance and/or exam work. Therefore there is COMPULSORY payment if you miss out on any classes. Missed classes can be made up by attending a “Make Up Class” within the same Term. The make up classes will be scheduled by Gracy.

Payments have to be made at the BEGINNING of the class in order for your child to participate. Please do not bring your child into class if you do not have the payment ready.

Payment Methods

You can pay by cash (we do provide change).

Account Name: Direct Supplements
Bank: St George Bank
BSB No: 112 879
Account No: 457 483 604
Description: “Student Full Name”


Please note that refunds are not available for the following:

Dance class fees if classes are missed and/or participation stops. Missed classes can be made up by attending our “Make Up Class” within the same Term. The make up classes will need to be coordinated with Gracy.